Hello! And welcome! So glad you could join me.

Now normally here is where I would have a thoughtfully planned-out post with lots of pictures detailing everything I made last night. And if it was worthwhile.

Unfortunately, that’s just not in the cards today. I made and ate all my chili without knowing the next day that I would be creating a blog about such delights.

In case you were wondering, though, it was delightful.

Oh, you weren’t wondering? All right then. Let’s move on.

I do, however, promise with all my heart that the next thing I make not only will I document, I will post with fervor.

Fervor, I say!


But do stay tuned! And thanks for visiting! See you soon.


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. We want the chili recipe! We want the chili! We want the chili! We want the chili! Repeat until we see the chili! Love your blog it makes me smile.

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